5 ideas for a cosy home


In times of confinement (and even when things are back to normal) it is essential to feel good at home. There’s nothing like a cocooning interior that makes you enjoy your time inside. Here are 5 ideas to create a cosy house – plus two more tips and tricks from our interior designers.

  1. A soft light

Light plays a central role when it comes to setting the mood in a house. To create a cosy and comforting atmosphere, rely on soft, warm light. During the day, let the sunlight in and soften it with semi-opaque curtains if necessary.

In the evening, go for indirect, subdued lighting. Our advice – multiply the sources of soft light by combining floor lamps with lamps placed on a piece of furniture. A garland of light creates an amazing effect.

  1. Soft cushions

Do you dream of a cozy nest to snuggle in? For maximum comfort in your living room, place the soft cushions on the sofa and armchairs. And complete them with some comfortable plaids.

Place cushions on your dining room chairs as well. This will make your meals even more enjoyable!

  1. Beautiful plants

The vegetation brings a feeling of well-being and serenity. So place a few plants in your house to make it more cosy. Many varieties are suitable for indoor living and suit all tastes.

If you have are good with taking care of the plants, take the opportunity to choose green flowers and plants that require more maintenance.

  1. Cosy decorations

Depending on your tastes and your current interior design, place cosy decorations in various places in your home. Picture frames, macramé, mirrors, trinkets or candles: treat yourself to an interior that suits your personality and your lifestyle.

  1. Comforting textiles

Finally, playing with different textiles will make your home even more cosy. Install curtains on the windows and some carpets on the floor. Thick textiles will bring comfort, but you can also combine them with lighter fabrics.

Designer tips and tricks

Morgane Meunier, Interior Designer CLK Constructions

Edit your home

There is nothing better in this quarantine period than to take advantage of our free time to empty our cupboards. Take the time to sort out what you want to keep, what brings you joy, and to put aside what it can be donated. A cosy interior is also an organized interior, having great storage will do wonders for your mind and body.

It’s the perfect time to think about custom-made furniture or your kitchen space – we are available for you by email or videoconference if you need advice.

Mélanie Degrave, Interior Designer CLK Constructions

Perfumes for the home

Smells stimulate the mind, restore energy or relax. Create subtle combinations and a universe for each room in the house according to its function. Diffusers, sprays, candles – there are many possibilities for diffusing and scenting fragrances, enough to bring the much-needed well-being for everyone.

For those who like to combine health, nature and well-being, essential oils can be used everywhere in the house! Most of them have deodorizing properties and help to clean the air in the house.

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