CLK Constructions awarded at COP24!


CLK Constructions is proud to announce that on Thursday, 6th of December, in Katowice, Poland, the company won the Smart Building International Award at the Green Solutions Ceremony organized by COP24.

The Green Solutions Awards is an international competition organized by the Construction21 network to highlight and reward innovative and sustainable construction projects. The 6th edition brought together 143 projects from sixteen different countries including Belgium, China, France, Luxembourg, Morocco, Romania, United Kingdom and many others. This competition focuses on promoting solutions already implemented all over the world. After analyzing all the registered case studies, the Green Solutions Awards can identify the market trends when it comes to architectural solutions, sustainable and recyclable materials or renewable energies.

Among the 52 finalists, nine projects were awarded prizes by five juries composed of 31 experts in the construction sector. The nine winners were announced at a ceremony at COP24 that brought together over 200 international industry professionals. After winning the Luxembourgish national competition, CLK is now one of the international winners and had the privilege of being invited to COP24 to receive the SMART BUILDING INTERNATIONAL award.

CLK received this award for its connected passive house project that can be visited in Grevels. The aim of this house was to create performant, sustainable and intelligent construction. This low-energy house was constructed with a range of innovative materials, including a complete EnOcean wireless home automation system. This technology, which works without batteries or wiring and emits very little radiation, allows the occupant to have constant control over the consumption and warns the user in case of error, for example. Moreover, the connected house offers a certain additional comfort to the inhabitant since it will optimize the consumption by protecting it from overheating for example by shutters that will automatically activate.

The environmental issue is now at the centre of all questions, there is a real awareness and a willingness to act. CLK has been very sensitive to this issue for many years now, as we are specialized in passive houses. The aim of our show house was to build an avant-garde house that reflects the company’s philosophy; an energy-efficient house built with highly-efficient materials, a high-performance heat pump, photovoltaic panels and solar thermal panels, all with an extremely well-insulated energy envelope and perfect airtightness. We wanted to take the passive house concept one step further by supplementing our house with a home automation system in order to further reduce our ecological footprint. This house is proof that careful and well-thought-out work can take sustainable energy management one step further.

This award allows CLK to prove to the world its ability to offer innovative solutions that are not only technologically innovative but also environmentally responsible and we hope that this award can influence future candidates to build and reduce our environmental footprint.

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