Covid-19 – how to use ventilation to evacuate the virus?

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While the pandemic is of global concern, we are all looking for the best protection strategy. Outside the house it’s clear – wearing a mask and gloves is the solution. And don’t forget to wash your hands thoroughly after touching a potentially contaminated surface. But have you thought about the ventilation of your home?

Replace the air to evacuate the coronavirus…

At home, it’s important to renew the air regularly to eliminate pollutants, dust mites and microbes. Although it has not been proven, this precaution might also help to remove coronavirus particles present in evaporated droplets.

By properly renewing the air in your home, you will then reduce the risk of contamination if people around you become infected. Quarantine measure at home or simple precaution, here is the practical advice of the Belgian Scientific and Technical Centre for Construction (BBRI). To be applied without moderation!

Ventilate by opening your windows

Start by opening your windows to renew the air, several times per day. Also take advantage of the nice spring weather to leave your windows open in a swinging position during the day! The natural ventilation will effectively dilute pollutants… and evacuate potential traces of viruses.

Limit draughts

You don’t want germs spreading from room to room? Close the doors when you ventilate – except for rooms with no windows or mechanical ventilation systems. Similarly, if you live in an apartment, close your front door securely before you ventilate. This will prevent germs from common areas from entering your home.

In the same idea, for multi-family dwellings, fill in any air leaks at the doors or windows leading to common areas and technical ducts.

Boost your mechanical ventilation system

Is your home equipped with a mechanical ventilation system? That’s even better. First make sure it works properly. If it is not, emergency intervention may be necessary – only if the flow is impaired. Then increase the mechanical ventilation flow rate for better air renewal.

In case of quarantine at home…

If a person is contaminated in your home, they should stay in a separate room – ideally with separate sanitary facilities. In addition to the aeration and ventilation measures mentioned, you can also use an air purifier with a HEPA filter. And be sure to air out the patient’s room whenever you open the door, to speed up the removal of the virus from the air. All this, of course, in accordance with the doctor’s recommendations!

Finally, be aware that, outside of a host, the coronavirus survives only for a short time and cannot multiply. Thanks to good ventilation, you will therefore be able to eliminate it from your home and prevent it from spreading.

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