Get your house ready for spring


In the soft light of the first rays of sunshine, give your home some attention!

Dusting openings and filters

Did you know that ideally the air volume in the house should be renewed every 3 hours? A utopia… not really. The natural ventilation of the house is used intensively throughout the winter to purify the air in every room of the house. In the summer, it’s time to clean them carefully. To avoid dust, humidity, dust mites, your ventilation grilles must be maintained and cleaned, the filters of the dual-flow ventilators must be checked, vacuumed or washed, everything must be reviewed and changed if necessary. These steps will ensure a beautiful summer with healthy air and we advise you to renew them on a regular basis.


The roof is one of the elements of the house that is very affected by the weather – humidity, heavy rain, cold, frost and snow. At the arrival of spring, the waterproofness must be checked because approximately half of all infiltration damage is caused by a poorly maintained cornice. This is therefore a step not to be neglected. Checking them regularly will allow you to detect even minor leaks, clean moss and other deposits, and ensure that your rain gutters are in good condition at the same time!

Water filters

To avoid impurities, it is common to install filters. Regardless of the particle size, these filters are inevitably subjected to high loads. Whether they are simple sediment, cartridge or activated carbon filters for water recovery, they should all be maintained or changed to extend their life. Large, nylon filters can become clogged, clogged or blocked – some should be cleaned, while others should be replaced every 3-6 months. It is therefore necessary to check them regularly because a bad evacuation can accelerate the wear of the filtering system, cause bad smells, or even bacteria …

The terrace

Rain, frost and snow, leaf residues or moss can alter the surface of your wooden deck, tiles or other specific coverings such as stone carpets. Cleaning is a crucial step before taking out the deckchairs! Pressurized water can be effective but is strongly discouraged for most coverings such as concrete paving stones or slabs or even wooden coverings. Cement joints also suffer. Aggressive products are real toxic aggressors for your garden… But there are more gentle solutions – a little effort, some hot water and a few suitable tools are all you need. This is also the time to re-sand the joints if necessary, after cleaning.

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