How do you deal with winter in your house?


Before the cold weather sets in, your home – house or apartment – needs to be well prepared and maintained.


Regardless of the type of heater used, servicing or maintenance is required. In the event of a claim, proof of annual maintenance is mandatory (otherwise no reimbursement is possible).

Maintenance of the heating system makes it possible to anticipate breakdowns right when you really need to heat. It also prevents performance drops and reduces the risk of carbon monoxide poisoning. A well-maintained heater is a heater that works when you need it most, ensuring your safety and optimum performance.

If you have an oil-fired heating system, a fireplace or a stove, you should fill it up with fuel (oil, peelings, wood etc.) and avoid the very last minute. Prices tend to explode when the cold arrives.

Thermal exchanges

Housing breathes like us. Regardless of the type of house or apartment, it is important to ensure that heat loss is minimal, while at the same time ensuring ventilation and proper air circulation. Clean ventilation grilles, sound and flexible caulking of windows and doors (especially tilt and turn doors), everything must be checked and retouched if necessary.

Condensation or visible moisture on your walls and windows are signs of poor ventilation or poor insulation of your windows. In these cases, it is best to check your ventilation and clean the air intake and exhaust vents. If cold air passes under doors, you can install door bottoms or curtains while waiting to replace the insulating brushes.

Garden and terrace

Trim the plants, store and protect garden furniture, purge the hoses and clean the barbecue. They will be ready to use for the next nice days and won’t be damaged!

The roof, water supply and gutters are also sensitive points. A check is necessary during the summer months for the roof coverings, the taps must be emptied, and the power cut off to avoid damage in periods of frost. For gutters, simply remove dead leaves and check the bindings.

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