How to create your own smart home?

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A house that adapts to your needs – now it’s possible with a little technique and the know-how of our specialists.

Low-energy and passive houses can perform even better in terms of comfort and energy consumption thanks to the automation of certain features. Lighting, heating, security, control of blinds and windows, multimedia… we think along with you about the home automation that best suits you, because it can be approached in so many different ways thanks to a wide range of new technologies.

The key is not only to save energy. A well-designed smart house will also improve the quality of life, while offering various practical benefits:

– You will be able to interact with your smart house thanks to its various devices thought out exclusively for you by our experts

– You will be able to control your house remotely

– It will also be able to warn you in the event of disturbances or undesirable events

Many functions can be automated using different systems. Thus, you improve and control energy consumption (electricity, water, etc.). Your smart house also becomes capable of managing your lighting, but also your blinds, which allows you to have an adapted luminosity throughout the day. You will be able to benefit from an automatic shading of your blinds thanks to an intelligent control system. A gain of freshness or heat depending on the time of the year and the same goes for the ventilation or airing of the rooms.

The intelligent house brings an additional security since we can equip it with motion detectors, so it will warn you in case of infraction.

But your smart house is also equipped with smoke detectors, and if a problem is detected, the load shedding of the stove and ventilation are automatically switched on. Home automation keeps an eye on your house; if there is a leak, the water meter will warn you. In addition to monitoring by motion detector, home automation also allows you to indicate the state of your windows and doors (closed / ventilated).

Our experts are therefore committed to identifying your needs and working with you to develop a “smart-home” project that suits you perfectly and that remains upgradeable for the price of a kitchen*!

Come and visit our show house in Grevels during our Open House event on 9 and 10 June to discover options to improve your well-being.

*(indicative range – 6000 to 18000 Euros)

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