Simplify your life by simplifying your home


Did you know that it is possible to simplify your life at home by saving energy and money thanks to home automation? Are you looking for the reasons to convince you to decide? Look no further, here they are!

It’s as simple as that: home automation is within everyone’s reach; you don’t need to be an IT expert to use it. You can manage the entire system thanks to a control screen, or even remotely thanks to a mobile application. The whole thing works thanks to an intuitive system that will facilitate the daily management of your consumption.

More comfortable for you:  you don’t feel like leaving your comfortable sofa to close the shutters? You have just left the house and you don’t know if you have turned off the kitchen light? No worries, you can do it all from the application installed on your phone. But what’s more interesting, the home automation system will regulate your shutters itself according to the brightness, for example.

Reduced ecological footprint: the connected house will allow you to better control the energy consumption even during your absence. You will also be warned in case of a tap left open, for example, which will allow you to react immediately rather than consuming unnecessarily.

Your wallet will thank you: by controlling your consumption, and thanks to the ecological installations that complete your home, you will be able to make real savings on your bills and considerably reduce your consumption.

Home guardian: thanks to strategically placed detectors, you will be immediately warned in the event of an intrusion. You can also simulate a presence in the house with the application on your phone by activating certain lights or shutters, for example.

The connected home is moving away from technological overkill towards common sense intelligence, serving the efficiency of the building, but above all serving the resident well-being. Still not convinced? Make an appointment to visit our show house equipped with a complete home automation system!

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