The PEFC-certified timber frames, a real environmental approach


The PEFC* certification was created in 1999 and is one of the major international systems. Present in more than 35 countries, it guarantees sustainable forest management thanks to three main functions:

Environmental: preservation of biodiversity, replanting of adapted species, search for a balance between forest and fauna…

Societal: safety of forestry work, safety of leisure activities, respect for local populations…

Economic: exploitation of the timber sector, respect of production capacities, etc.

The certification process is updated every 5 years and represents a strong commitment towards the responsible and ethical purchase of wood used to build your homes.

CLK Constructions is part of this system that guarantees the prosperity of forests in all its aspects. The harvesting of wood effectively accompanies the natural cycle and encourages the growth of young trees. In this way, we improve our sustainable approach at every step in the construction process:

  • We offer our customers guarantees on the origin of our products: PEFC allows us to reassure our customers on the origin of the wood, its exploitation, on the sustainable management of forests which avoids the risks of deforestation, illegal exploitation of resources or endangerment of populations.
  • We offer our customers a “sustainable development” approach: PEFC certification is a long chain that goes from the forest owner to the final consumer. Because most of our clients are looking for ecological options, CLK Constructions focuses on helping you achieve your goals. By purchasing PEFC-certified products, you contribute to sustainable forest management!
  • We offer our company a positive approach by using eco-certified materials, it allows us to offer you a healthier and more serene perception of the use of wood for all or part of the structure of your houses.

To sum up, this certification gives us a great traceability of our products and the assurance of having certified wood throughout our manufacturing process. An additional guarantee for our customers, to contribute together, to preserve our environment as much as possible.

*PEFC = “Programme for the Endorsement of Forest Certification Schemes”

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