Is it possible to visit one’s house before the first foundation stone?

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Reading a 2D plan might be tricky and it always leaves room for doubt. To make it easier to understand, CLK Constructions offers a complimentary 3D tour, a first for the Luxembourgish market, before the start of the construction.

Our team offers you an immersive visit of your future living space. You will be able to discover the volumes, the layout of the rooms, move around freely, count your steps, feel the space… in short, to project yourself into what will soon be your new home.

How does it work? The plans of the house are three-dimensional programmed and the basis of you 3D visit are going to be the architectural plans of the house. You will visualize and interact with your home although the foundation stone is still far from being laid! As soon as you put on your VR (Virtual Reality) helmet, you will be able to climb the stairs, look at the ceiling and see the garden through the living room windows and discover the rooms one by one. A visit in real time without setting foot on the building site!

This “personalized 3D visit” service option completes the tour of the show house – which will always provide you with good information on your choice of materials  and design – and allows you to take possession of your future property without any doubts.

Digital technology offers truly new perspectives in the world of real estate and CLK is happy to organize a virtual visit for you.

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